London Global Gateway Library

Quote of the day

London air through stomata of myriad leaves and million lungs of London breathes. ~ Kathleen Raine (1908-2003)

The London Global Gateway Library supports University of Notre Dame students in their academic studies in London.

We offer a core collection of materials in the London Global Gateway Library and a selection of services to help students make full use of the many world-class collections in London.

The Librarian, Alice Tyrell, co-ordinates these services. She is available full time to assist with research queries, either in person, by telephone (07958 400 637), or by email. Her regular hours are Monday to Friday 10am to 6pm.

The London Global Gateway Library is available to students at all times when Fischer Hall is open and is largely self-service.

Information on accessing external libraries is available online via the student portal, and in person.